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Many of our products, particularly our boxes and bowls, are special-order or one-of-a-kind. You can see examples on the Gallery page. If you are interested in similar items, please contact us at info@heacoxsboxes.com. Other products, such as pens, wine stoppers, money clips, etc., can be handled online. Click on the categories above to proceed.

Our creations also can be found at
Gustaf's Up North Gallery in Lindstrom, MN.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
Small jewelry box Image


Small jewelry box
A small jewelry box of mesquite, ebony and turquoise

Claro Walnut Bowl Image


Claro Walnut Bowl
A heavily spalted claro walnut bowl with several voids.

Mesquite and Turquoise Bowl Image


Mesquite and Turquoise Bowl
A 9 1/2" bowl made of mesquite, with voids filled with crushed turquoise.

Deep Claro Walnut Bowl Image


Deep Claro Walnut Bowl
A deep bowl of claro walnut with scalloped sides.

Deep Myrtle Bowl Image


Deep Myrtle Bowl
A deep bowl made from Pacific Northwest myrtle

Quilted Maple Bowl Image


Quilted Maple Bowl
A large bowl of heavily quilted maple

Cremation Urn Image


Cremation Urn
Cremation urns made to order

Manhattan Twist Pen Image


Manhattan Twist Pen
Elegant profile, superb balance and smooth action.

Patrizio Twist Pen Image


Patrizio Twist Pen
Elegant lines, perfect symmetry and classic styling.

Olympian Elite Pen Image


Olympian Elite Pen
Artistic and elegant rollerball or fountain pen.

Segmented Twist Pen Image


Segmented Twist Pen
Exotic flair.

Civil War Pen Image


Civil War Pen
Hefty twist pen with Civil War details.

Vintage Stopper, black Ti nitride Image


Vintage Stopper, black Ti nitride
Low-profile, push-in stopper with a black Ti nitride finish.

Vintage Stopper, gold Ti nitride Image


Vintage Stopper, gold Ti nitride
Low-profile, push-in stopper with a gold Ti nitride finish.

Vintage Stopper, chrome finish Image


Vintage Stopper, chrome finish
Low-profile, push-in stopper with a chrome finish.

Salt and Pepper Set Image


Salt and Pepper Set
Elegant wooden salt and pepper mills.

Brass and Wood Money Clip Image


Brass and Wood Money Clip
Solid brass money clip with wood inlay.

Bracelet Assistant with Wood Handle Image


Bracelet Assistant with Wood Handle
A third hand to help you put on your bracelets.

Purse Hangers Image


Purse Hangers
Keep your purse off the floor with a handy purse hanger.

Key Keeper Image


Key Keeper
Keys are within easy reach with this key keeper with wood inlay.

Letter Opener Image


Letter Opener
Letter openers with wooden handles.

Eggoscope Image


Egg-shaped kaleidoscope.